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      Dagang Company Participated in 10th BICES
      Release time:2018-11-07     author:   

      Co-hosted by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the Engineering Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-council, 10th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition and Seminar (BICES 2009) was held from 3-6 Nov in Jiuhua International Exhibition Center, in Beijing.
          This session of the seminar was the ninth event of BICES to be successfully held since it had been launched in 1989. The exhibition contained various types of engineering machinery, construction machinery, engineering vehicles, building materials machinery, special manufacturing equipment, testing equipment and maintenance, with more than product-related parts and accessories, new processes, new materials, engineering machinery pre-sales and after-sales service technology centering. 

          At the meeting, Dagang Company displayed the main product of synchronously chip sealer, intelligent crumb asphalt distributor, modified emulsified asphalt slurry seal/micro surfacing paver and etc. Its unique design concept, the overall reliable performance, superior cost-effective and energy-saving as well as the environmental protection features had caught many customers’ and craft brother’ concern. It is worth mentioning that, DAGANG’s modified emulsified asphalt slurry seal/micro surfacing paver attracted many visitors’ eyes with its advantages of no auxiliary engine, high degree of intelligence. Besides, its comprehensive upgraded systems and more reliable quality enabled customers to be lost in admiration for DAGANG’s products. Thereby, DAGANG’s brand and product awareness further enhanced.


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