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      FS2500 Binding Agent Spreader


      FS2500 binding agent spreader is mainly designed for spreading cement in the process of road rehabilitation or reconstruction under cold-recycling technology, as well as spreading various soil stabilizing binders and other power materials. FS2500 Binding agent spreader, not only a key equipment for road cold in-place recycling but also a special equipment for soil stabilization, can be used widely in road and municipal construction works. FS2500 Binding agent spreader is suitable for spreading binding agent in powder form, such as cement, lime, and coal ash, and so on.


      • 1
        Binding agents can be loaded either from the special inlet or manhole.
      • 2
        Full automatic control is introduced. The spreading rate per square meter will not be affected by truck speed (patented)
      • 3
        Equipped with a bag filter device to protect the environments.
      • 4
        Equipped with a dust cover to prevent dust emission during spreading.
      • 5
        Equipped with an arch breaker to prevent arch camber of binding agent.
      • 6
        No re-calibration work is needed for metering system. It only needs to input the specified spreading parameters.
      • 7
        Rotating speed of screw feeder and material distributing roll can be both controlled, which will guarantee high accuracy of materials feeding and metering.
      • 8
        A new type of material distributing roll with metering function is introduced to spread the powder agents and re-break it before falling to the ground.
      • 9
        Only one truck driver is needed in the cab to finish operation during the whole process.
      • 10
        Equipped with automatic and manual two sets of batching system.
      • 11
        An empty and overfilling alarm warning indicator is available in the process of feeding and spreading binding agent.
      • 12
        Main working parameters can be displayed timely with record retention.




      Truck Chassis

      Shanqi 6×4

      Container capacity m3


      Spreading width(mm)


      Spreading density kg/㎡)


      Engine power(kw)


      Maximum travel speed km/h


      Working speedkm/h


      Maximum total mass kg


      Overall  dimension(L*W*H) (mm)



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